About me


I was born in the beautiful and cosmopolitan city of Tehran, the capital city of Iran. I spent most of my adult life there. A city full of life and culture. As a child I was fascinated with all the colors of the tiles in mosques and historic buildings. Patterns of the Persian rugs and mystical stories of my country’s literature. With that background and the influence of my artistic family I was drawn to the world of art. After receiving B.A in Graphic Design and M.A in Illustration I moved to US at 2002. I enjoyed teaching art to all age group from 7 to 70. Teaching art allowed me to be creative alongside of being dynamic in learning more techniques and styles myself.
I have lived in Breckenridge, CO since 2002 with my family.

I have a vast experience working with mediums like Colored Pencils, Pastel, Acrylic, Ecolin, print making, Papier-mâché and even textile collage. I enjoy making artworks in Mixed media lately. It allows me to be creative and explore different mediums in each piece of art I work on. In many years that I’ve been working I have changed my style of work many times although the base of my artworks is the same but I feel like change is a requirement of moving forward. In each style of work I have discovered a new aspect of my soul that it was hidden to me before.

My works reflect my feelings and my cultural background. I like to incorporate Persian motives and elements in my works. Making art allows me to express myself freely in ways that I can’t express with words.